Saturday through Monday, October 29-November 14—Busy is Normal

IMG 3630

We diverted on the way home from the bike trip (Oct 29) to pay a quick visit to Jenny, Harper, and Brian.  It was a great visit even if brief.

The following two weeks were used to recover from the ride, catch up on medical appointments, and for Kay, to catch up on her very active social life.  Of course, I returned to the golf course!  We also did pre-winter maintenance on the motorhome, including an oil and filter change, winterizing the pipes and tanks, and filling the batteries with distilled water.

On Friday, November 11, I rode the Arkansas River Trail while Kay shopped at the Christmas show in downtown Little Rock.  161111 10065Afterwards, we collected Ridge from daycare, and he spent the weekend with us.  Saturday, on the way to the Museum of Science and Discovery in Hot Springs, he got sick; we thought he was really ill, but after several phone calls to his mom, she informed us he was car sick, and after a few stops to walk around, we got back home and spent a quiet Saturday and Sunday morning watching action figure shows on Netflix.

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