Wednesday and Thursday, August 17-18—Preparing for a Road Trip

All this week, at least through Thursday, was spent taking care of last minute items such as doctors’ appointments and social engagements, and preparing for a road trip to northern Ohio; Hamilton, Ontario, and Niagara Falls, Ontario (Niagara Falls is a bucket list item).  

Regressing a bit, On Monday, I had a spinal injection and Kay had a follow-up visit relative to her cataract surgery.  Tuesday was a chiropractor appointment.  On Wednesday, Kay accompanied Pam to an eye appointment in Little Rock while I had another chiropractor appointment.  Thursday was Book Club day for Kay, and I had a last chiropractor appointment for a few weeks.  Honestly, I can’t tell whether or not the 12 chiropractor visits have helped, but the spinal injection on Monday certainly did as I am having almost no pain at all.

We filled in these few days readying bicycles and packing for the trip north.  We leave tomorrow, and can’t wait to escape hot weather and rain.

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