Friday through Sunday, July 1-31—Hot and Humid


Two words can be used to describe July 2016 here in the Village—hot and humid!  It’s the hottest July either of us can remember with most days experiencing heat indices over 100°, and the 11th hottest on record (some 150 years of records).  It was too hot to take photos as just walking outside gets one hot and soaking wet!  However, here are a few family photos from last month:  from left to right Jordan, Cheryl, and Ron; Jenny, Harper, and Brian; Karyn, Aker, Ridge, and Matt; Kay and me; and the whole family, minus Kaden.

160618 9369

160618 9386

160618 9398

160618 9438

160618 9445

The month was “normal busy”, what with golf, medical appointments (Kay had successful cataract surgery in both eyes), Kay’s social activities, and three fun weekends with grandkids (though we didn’t get to celebrate Harper’s 4th birthday with her because of her family’s other commitments).  

There were a few notable exceptions.

We had a relatively quiet Independence Day weekend, celebrating with Jim, Jackie, Pam, Bobby, and Martha with a fried chicken potluck, followed by watching the Village’s fireworks show from Bobby and Martha’s pontoon on Balboa Lake.

We met and made new friends on July 6 at the Balboa Club over hamburgers and beer.  The first Wednesday evening of the month features a cookout with live entertainment.  One of the couples was the McAdow’s, Tom and Patricia, and the other was Bob and Emma Pinson.  We plan to meet there again on August 3.  

We also got to know our immediate neighbors a bit better as the couple across the street (Dane and Gerry) hosted a happy hour for Paul and Brigitte, Steve and Dora, and us.  It’s always interesting to find out a little more about your neighbors, and some of the unique things they’ve done.

Lastly, we recognized two birthdays at the end of the month:  Harper turned a whopping 4 years old on July 30, and Matt celebrated a birthday on July 31.

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