Thursday through Thursday, June 16-30—Family Photos and Golf

We ended the month much the same as we started—playing golf.  Golf is so readily available in Hot Springs Village with 8 great courses.  Kay plays on Wednesday mornings, and is getting better each round.  I managed to get in 10 rounds the last 15 days, taking breaks to spend time with family and, along with Kay, attend an LPGA golfing tournament.

Jenny, Harper, and Brian came over Friday afternoon for Father’s Day weekend.  The three of them went kayaking/fishing late and returned after dark.  They caught fish almost every cast by the Lake Estrella Dam.  As Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas gifts all combined, Karyn arranged for a photographer to take family photos on Saturday, and all the family was here except Kaden, who had to work.  Photos of each family unit were made, as were photos of the individual grandkids.  The photos were fantastic.  I can highly recommend Jacquelyn Suzann Photography. 160621 E 004

From left to right:  Harper, Jenny, and Brian Painter; Ridge, Matt, Karyn, and Aker Adams; Kay and Donald; Cheryl and Ron Higgins, Jordan Williams.

After the photo session, Ron, Cheryl, and Jordan left for home and an afternoon at Lake DeGray, while the rest of us went to the beach at Balboa Lake.160618 E 003It filled our hearts with joy watching Ridge, Harper, and Aker playing together.160618 E 002Ridge and Harper played as if they were best friends, and not a single argument, injury, or crying spell ensued—an unheard of miracle.  Karyn and her family left before evening, Jenny and Brian went kayaking/fishing again until after dark, and Harper entertained Kay and me.  Jenny, Harper, and Brain left after lunch on Sunday, making for the best Father’s Day ever for me.  Thank you kids, grandkids, and Lord.

The following week was filled with golf, almost daily.  Saturday morning early (June 25) we drove to Rogers for the Northwest Arkansas LPGA Championship.  Meeting up with Phyllis (longtime friend of Kay’s) and her husband Sonny, we watched the talented ladies play golf from along the 17th hole at Pinnacle Country Club; the 17th hole is known as the loudest hole in the LPGA.  That evening we all had dinner together joined by Corlys who worked with Kay and Phyllis.  We returned to Pinnacle Country Club Sunday morning for the final round, setting up under a tree at the 8th tee box where we were able to see the 7th hole green (our favorite for the week, Stacy Lewis),160625 E 006 the 8th tee, and the 18th fairway.  I was amazed at how small the ladies were, most at or around 100 pounds, how friendly they were, and how they could crush the golf ball!  We returned home about mid-afternoon, and watched the final two hours on TV.  Lydia Ko won the tournament, and is an awesome golfer.

We finished the month playing golf.

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