Wednesday through Wednesday, June 1-15—Bicycling, Golf, and Butterflies

We do much the same thing day in and day out, week in and week out, but our life is certainly not boring.   

I play golf several times a week, leaving little time for anything else.  As was written in the last entry, the lesson with pro Mike Socha and his recommendation to change to a Bridgestone E6 golf ball have resulted in significant improvements in my game.  Kay continues to improve as well, playing with the Lady Duffers every Wednesday morning, and started the month off with a golf game.

On Thursday, we drove to Mountain Home and had lunch with Wayne and Loretta, then to Calico Rock for our semi-annual dental cleaning and examination.  A small cavity was found among my teeth, and Dr. Lane filled it while Kay was having her teeth cleaned, saving us another trip to Calico Rock.  

Sunday morning early, I bicycled over 10 miles in a hilly section of the Village, and combined with partially inflated tires (30 psi vs. 65 psi), it proved an exhausting ride.  We did make it to church, but I missed the church picnic Sunday afternoon, playing golf instead, and had good round, shooting in the high 80s at Cortez Golf Club.

On June 8, I did an 18 mile ride, and it wasn’t near as tough as the 10 mile ride, followed by 18 holes of golf.  Kay’s sister, Nan, and her husband, George, flew in from the Richmond, VA, area for a visit and to attend her 50th high school reunion.  George and I played golf, Thursday (I played two 18 hole rounds) and Friday, making for 7 rounds in 6 days.  We so enjoyed their visit, staying up late and catching up on family happenings, and reminiscing about childhood days in Morrilton, Arkansas.  Kay and Sue Sroczynski attended the Morrilton High School reunion brunch on Saturday morning—the brunch is for all classes having celebrated their 50th year reunion, and Nan and George attended her reunion in the evening.

I accompanied fellow photographer and birder, Vic Privlipsky, to a nature reserve adjacent to the Village in hopes of spotting a Diana Fritillary.  Thanks to Vic, we spotted both a female and male, nectaring among the Monardi wildflowers.  In addition, he pointed out a rare wildflower found in only two places in the world, here and at Bauxite, Arkansas.  I am super grateful to Vic for introducing this nature area.  (First photo is female Diana Fritillary, second is male, third and fourth are the wild roses.)

160611 E 001

160611 E 003

160611 E 001 2

160611 E 002 2

We bade farewell to Nan and George on Tuesday, and got acquainted with new neighbors, Steve and Dora, Tuesday evening.  We closed out the first part of June Wednesday with Kay playing golf and attending a book club meeting, and me playing golf.

160614 E 001

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