Saturday through Wednesday, March 12-23—Busy as Ever

160312 E 003
Time seems to be flying by exponentially; of course, we’re doing lots and staying busy.
Early in this reporting period, we had a great visit with Harper, Jenny, and Brian.  Harper has matured so much in just a couple of months since Christmas 2015.  She is particularly fond of KK and they enjoyed each other’s company.  We all had lunch at Olive Garden (the soup and salad were okay for our diets), and because Harper was getting sleepy, we said goodbyes there.  We went to Costco to cash our “cash back” check for the year, filled up with gasoline, and began the drive home.  After only a couple of miles on I-40, we came to a complete standstill, and it took us over an hour to travel 4 miles; seems like a 5th wheel RV had overturned, essentially blocking two lanes of traffic at a major interstate intersection.  Consequently, it was dark before we arrived home, and we immediately went to bed—even before setting the clocks forward for daylight savings time.

160312 E 006

160312 E 007
The last twelve days have been filled with golf, medical appointments, club meetings, and social activities, leaving little time for television.  I’ve played golf four times, including this par 3 shown below with the flowering trees lining the green at Desoto Golf Club, and we had a combined lesson; added together, we’ve had five doctor’s visits; there have been Village Mac User’s Group and Audubon Society events, including a bird walk on one of HSV’s trails (shown in the photo below the golf course photo); and casino night, book club, a concert, and Animal Welfare League’s Girls’ Night Out.  Add in landscaping, fitness walks and exercise, and it makes for a full twelve days.

160322 E 001

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