Thursday through Thursday, March 24-31—Whew! We Just Get Busier and Busier!

We switched gears—into a faster one—and hosted Ridge and Aker on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  It’s entirely possible we’re getting too old for this pace!  The grandkids were good, though, eating and behaving well.  The cool/cold temperatures didn’t allow outside play much, though Kay did them to a neighbor’s play area on Friday afternoon.  Otherwise, we watched Scooby-Doo, Batman, and Power Rangers to the point that I know all the characters in each!

160325 E 008

160325 E 009

So what else did we do this week?  Let’s see.  I played golf 3 times and Kay played once.  We attended a great concert by the Swingles; they were a fantastic a cappella group from London, UK.  I attended an HSV Audubon Society bird walk, Kay attended a PEO program planning committee meeting, a Duffers’ (ladies’ golf group) luncheon, and a culinary arts dinner (too much wine, or maybe too much sugar).

160331 E 010

160331 E 011

And, of course, we walked through the neighborhood a few times.  We also saw several FOY (first of year) butterflies, including a Tiger Swallowtail, Pipevine Swallowtail, several species of Sulphurs, a few Skippers, etc.  There are also Pine Siskins at the thistle sock feeder everyday.  No hummingbirds yet!  Otherwise, it was a pretty dull week—yeah, sure!

160324 E 004

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