Sunday through Friday, January 17-22—Butterflies




With a warm day and only a slight breeze, the National Butterfly Center beckoned us, only to find a flat front tire on the bicycle—a quick change of tubes and we were off.  After paying for the yearly membership, a quick tour of the gardens revealed few butterflies, not even a Queen.  Only a skipper here and there were observed.  More warm weather sent me off chasing butterflies again a few days later, and though there were not many flying, a few skippers could be found in the sunken gardens area, and a Queen was flying in the garden in the rear of the administration building.  Photos below include various skippers, Sickle-winged Skipper (its the dark butterfly with open wings, White-checkered skipper, a Queen, and Red Admiral.

160120 E 017

160120 E 013

160120 E 004

160120 E 016

160120 E 006

160120 E 014

160120 E 003

160120 E 005

Otherwise, we are staying busy with Swedish weaving, golf, bicycling, bridge, reading, movies, visiting with old friends, and enjoying just sitting around without a lot of responsibilities!  In fact Kay is headed to an old friends’ picnic this afternoon, and tonight, more entertainment.  Life is good.

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