Friday, August 14—The Viking Gefjon (Day 1)

We returned to the hotel, and waited just a couple of hours—visiting with Chuck and Sue—before a minivan (because the streets near the hotel are so narrow) transported us to the Viking long boat, Gefjon.  We boarded with little fanfare—even the young captain was carrying luggage, the staff checked our name, and by the time we walked to the room, the luggage had already been delivered!

Late in the afternoon, we sat through a tour orientation in the lounge covering most aspects of the the trip, with an emphasis on safety; the orientation was too long and reminded us of a work meeting.  We had dinner with Chuck, Sue, Sid, and Karen.  During the course of the first couple of days in Amsterdam, and today on the Gefjon, we got acquainted with Sid and Karen from Ontario, Canada.  We find them very easy with whom to talk, especially since they are both golfers, and they are extensive travelers.  Tired from a lack of sleep, we retired early to the room, foregoing the live music and dancing.


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