Saturday through Friday, July 18-31—Family

We were honored by a visit from Nan and George, arriving early Saturday afternoon; Nan is Kay’s sister.  After eating a pre-ordered pizza, George and I headed to the golf course for what was to be golfing mecca for 3 afternoons while Nan and Kay caught up on family news.  A Boston butt was smoked Saturday on the Big Green Egg, and for the first time, the fire started easy and the charcoal burned well.  Sunday was family day with the arrival of Karyn and family, and Ron and Cheryl.  It was fun watching them all reminisce about old family times.  After a meal of pulled pork, baked beans, slaw, and potato salad, the kids left, George and I headed to the golf course, and all was quiet on the home front.   Nan, accompanied by Kay, visited an old college suite mate on Monday while George and I again played golf.  Regrettably, Nan and George left on Tuesday morning after a wonderful visit.
Tuesday was a full day, though. I visited my sister who is doing physical therapy in Searcy after knee replacement surgery, followed by a quick trip to Maumelle to drop off shoes and other items left by Ridge and family on Sunday, and then attended visitation services for Glendis Malott, a cousin, who had passed away.  These services always provide mixed emotions as one feels grief for the family, but sees kinfolks not seen since the last visitation/funeral.  The rest of the week was uneventful, except for a visit from Susie Sweeten, a writer for the Village Voice.  The Village Voice is doing a piece on us as newcomers to Hot Springs Village; we don’t have a clue about the selection.  Here’s an unedited photo of Susie and Kay.

It has been a sad last week of July for us as we believe two of our large oak trees are dying from the stress of construction/landscaping.  We are hoping that they are just stressed, and will give them until early next summer, but it doesn’t look good.  On a happier note, our family celebrated two birthdays the last week—Harper is now 3 years old, and Matt celebrated his birthday the last day of the month.  And, the butterflies have suddenly appeared with lots of Red-spotted Purples, Red Admirals, Little Yellows, and others.

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