Monday through Friday, July 13-17—Medical Appointments, Finally

Monday through Thursday, July 13-16, was devoted to medical appointments.  I had an initial visit with our new primary care physician, Dr. Xu, on Monday, and was well pleased.  On a whim, Kay called the neurosurgeon’s office to see if they had a cancellation; they did, and I saw Dr. Igor De Castro Monday afternoon.  His diagnosis was a compressed nerved between l4 and l5, and indicated that it wasn’t too advanced.  He recommended steroid shots as the initial treatment, and did the injection that afternoon.  The next day I felt much better, and could stand and walk (and I continue to improve little by little).  Kay had her initial visit with Dr. Xu on Wednesday, and was well pleased, too.  However, she was diagnosed with degenerative spinal arthritis, and recommended physical therapy.  We’re the walking wounded.  And, on Thursday, I had an initial visit with a new cardiologist, which was also the one year visit since stents were implanted, and received a clean bill of cardiac health.  He concurred in removing Plavix from the daily regimen of meds and the addition of 81 mg of aspirin, which allows one to take anti-inflammatories, etc. otherwise forbidden with Plavix.

Here’s a photo taken July 15 from our sunroom; a storm in the east had just passed late in the afternoon.

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