Sunday through Saturday, March 9-14—Home, Sort Of

This was a busy week for us.  Rain resulted in the cancellation of golf Monday, and made outdoor activities near impossible.  We continued to pack for the trip home, though we’re just about finished; motorhomes are so self-contained that not a lot of packing is required—just enough to keep things from breaking.  Kay arranged an RV resort ladies’ luncheon Tuesday, and many old and new friends attended.  This marked our last “official” act in the Valley.  At the palapa happy hour Tuesday afternoon, we said our goodbyes for the season, and year, as we don’t plan to return until January 2016.

150311 E 001

We departed Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, TX, on Wednesday morning under overcast skies and against a 10-15 mph headwind.  Both stayed with us the entire day, but no rain.  We drove to Aggieland RV Park in Bryan, TX, for overnighting (thanks, John, for the recommendation).  Chuck, the owner, played football at Baylor at the same time I attended the University of Arkansas, playing against the Razorbacks in Fayetteville while I was there—small world!  He is a retired cardiologist, and works full time operating the RV park.  He said that out of the 7 docs in the practice, 6 retired and of those 6 cardiologists, two own and operate RV parks and one builds custom doors.  Go figure!  We drove the remaining 400+ miles home Thursday in light rain, arriving at Hot Springs Village about 4:30 PM.  

We had planned to overnight at Hot Springs Village’s RV park, but the rental house (our residence where until the HSV house is finished) was vacant.  We couldn’t pass up good clean water, wide open spaces, and a large shower.  We drove straight to Walmart on the west side of the Village, unhooked the Honda, and Kay left to pick up keys to the rental unit.  We parked the motorhome at the RV park, hooked up to 50 A shore power, set the stabilizing jacks, and opened the slides before driving to the new house to see progress since our last visit (Kay’s was three weeks ago, mine was 6 weeks ago)—we’ll have a separate post in Our HSV House blog in a few days.

150314 E 005

We spent most of Friday, again in the rain, unpacking the motorhome—with three full car loads of stuff.  We are removing most stuff from the RV, and will do a reset to eliminate things we don’t use, or use so infrequently that it’s not worth the trouble carrying it, e.g. alternative down comforter.  Also, while in the Valley, we purchased some accessories for the new house and brought those with us. The wet and dirty roads left lots of grime on the Honda, the bicycles, and the motorhome so Friday evening during a lull in the rain, I washed the Honda.  Saturday morning, again in the rain, I washed the bicycles, the tow bar, and the bicycle rack, and Kay and I cleaned the inside and washed the exterior of motorhome.  Tired, we finished just after lunch, having essentially finished all the chores.  Sitting on the covered porch of the rental house, overlooking the 6th green of Coronado Golf Course, enticed us to play golf.  With chores finished, it’s time for GOLF—when the rain quits!

150312 E 003

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