Sunday through Saturday, March 1-7—Winding Down

As we enter March, our time in the RGV is winding down—and, we’re anxious to go home, i.e. Hot Springs Village.  It’s our first time since beginning to RV in 2007 that we’ll return to a different city and house.  The weather here in the Valley has still been substandard, with cool, windy, and sometimes wet days most of the time; we just can’t get a break, but won’t complain too loudly as folks north of us are having a worse weather winter.  

Kay continues to exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week, and weather permitting, I play golf on Monday and Wednesday.  Kay also continues Swedish weaving with time permits, and is becoming quite the artist.  We met Jim and Cheryl Watts at The Ranch House for delicious hamburgers and great conversation.  Our visits are too seldom and too brief.

I continue to tie flies for bream (bluegills) fly fishing this coming spring and early summer, having tied some 6 dozen the last three weeks, including popping bugs, bream killers, and foam spiders; that should help stock the fly box!

150307 E 001

And we both began packing about the middle of the week for our return to Arkansas, and we are essentially ready to depart when the appointed time arrives Wednesday morning.  

We attended our next to last dance in the Valley Thursday afternoon, and while it was fun, the smoke was too much for our allergies, and I’m still suffering with stuffiness, headache, and itching!

Lastly, with respect to the HSV house, Brandon Tedder, owner of Renaissance Homes, Inc. and our builder, gave us a 45-day out finish date of around April 20 to coincide with the last day of the house rental in HSV.  

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