Sunday through Saturday, March 15-21—Refocusing

150319 E 009

We successfully made the shift from RVing, and are now focusing on completing construction of and furnishing and decorating the Hot Springs Village house.  We had a bit of a setback on the schedule as our move-in date has now delayed to the end of April.  The domino effect is that we have to move out of the rental house on April 20, our former move-in date, and could not find a reasonable alternative.  We were able to reserve the efficiency one room casita we have stayed in several times previously.  However, we’ll have to move a lot of the stuff from the rental house to storage, and then to the new house—not a good week. On the bright side, progress was made on the HSV house (see Our HSV House blog).  And, we’re acquiring things for the house each time we go to Little Rock or Hot Springs.  This week we bought some bedding for one of the guest bedrooms and some yard art.

150321 E 001

We did play golf this week, in between the almost daily showers; I took a lesson Monday, we hit balls several times at the driving range, and I played a round at Coronado.  

On Saturday, we visited briefly with Karyn, Matt, Ridge, and Aker, and were there when the kids were dressed for their Easter photo.  Kay so enjoys all four of our grandkids—and they adore her!  My oh my, the kids are really growing.

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