Tuesday through Monday, January 14-19—So What Do We Do in the Valley

Former next door neighbors, Wayne and Loretta, arrived in the Valley a week ago, and are living just up the road.  It was nice reconnecting with them, and we plan to spend some time touring the Valley while they are here.

150117 E 006
Otherwise, life goes on.  Most of the  season, we play bridge at least a couple times a week.  And, when the weather is conducive for outdoor play, I stay quite busy with golf, with a few other things filling the blank spaces.  Here are a couple of photos flying an RC helicopter, a gift from next door neighbor Jim Miles.  It is an absolute hoot, but lasts only 6 minutes before the battery runs down.

150117 E 005

Kay, on the other hand, is always doing something, be it shopping, turning bowls on a lathe at the woodworking shop, or doing Swedish weaving. Here are a series of photographs of her newest bowl creation, turned from a piece of solid red oak, followed by a photo of the just completed 72 X 72-inch Swedish woven blanket.  Isn’t she a talented artist!   And Sunday evening, she was in a variety show here at BPVRV Resort.
150116 E 002
150116 E 003
150116 E 004
150119 E 007
150119 E 008
150119 E 009
150111 E 001

1 thought on “Tuesday through Monday, January 14-19—So What Do We Do in the Valley

  1. Kay, your wood turned bowl is just gorgeous as is your blanket ! I'm really impressed with your work, especially the wood turning since I love working with wood too. I would love to watch you turn a bowl from start to finish some time! Sounds like you're having a good time and doing lots of fun things. We've enjoyed our time in Aransas Pass but in 2 weeks we head for home to get back to our “normal” life again !! Take care and keep in touch !! Jeannie

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