Sunday through Thursday, January 25 through February 5—A New Grandbaby

Early Sunday morning, about 4 AM, we left the relatively warm RGV driving north to central Arkansas, arriving at Hot Springs Village at 4:30 PM where it was windy and cold.  The real purpose of our trip was to witness the birth of a granddaughter and take care of newly dubbed little brother, Ridge, for a few days.  At the Village, we quickly “inspected” both the inside and outside of the new house where we were met by Pam Williams, and Martha and Bobby Altom.

150205 E 001

During the course of the next 8 days we viewed the house 3 times (see separate Our HSV House blog), and it would be an understatement to say that we are excited.  We spent Sunday and Monday nights with Ron, and enjoyed our visit immensely. Tuesday evening, we celebrated Ron’s birthday, and stayed at Karyn’s until our departure back to the Valley; I played planes, trains, and hero action figures with Ridge for 5 days and nights, and saw more Dusty and Thomas the Train videos than imaginable!  Regrettably, Jenny, Brian, and Harper were sick, suffering a stomach virus, and our scheduled visit with them on Wednesday and Wednesday evening had to be cancelled.  Friday, just after 12 noon, Acker Elizabeth Adams entered this world at 8 pounds 14.6 ounces, and 19 inches;  mother, father, and baby did great, and were released from the hospital late Sunday afternoon (this photo was from Thursday, February 5).  Kay and I were up real early Monday morning, February 2, and left for the RGV at about 3 AM, arriving at 4 PM, just in time for happy hour!

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