Sunday through Monday, January 4-13—Distractions

150106 E 001

The photo is from Tierra Santa, a golf course Al and I played last Tuesday, our only “good” weather day last week.

This winter season has been full of distractions for us, what with building, furnishing, and decorating a house from near 800 miles away; unseasonably cool and wet weather that has limited all outdoor activities, including birding, butterflying, bicycle riding, and golf; family obligations; RV resort quality and amenity issues (60 counted vacancies on Friday, January 9, compared to a significant waiting list a few years ago); and health issues.  These have significantly lowered the fun meter for us. So, here we are on Tuesday, January 13, another cold and damp day, washing clothes, cleaning house, and waiting for sunshine, and the water lines to be repaired, again (maybe the internet is working today, too).

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