Sunday through Saturday, November 3-December 6—Gotta Take Time to Pause and Refresh

141205 EIP 002

What can I say—we’ve allowed ourselves to get too busy.  Sunday was church, lunch out, and dancing, not really an anomaly, and then we played bridge in the evening.  Monday was golf, exercise, and Court Whist.  Tuesday was an “off day” so we saw Interstellar, just an okay movie, and we played bridge Tuesday evening.  Golf and exercise were on the schedule again on Wednesday followed by the hot tub and pool.  While we were both away, we had the motorhome washed, and Nick’s did a good job, especially for $60.  With too much going on, I passed on Margarita hour in the evening.  We did dance lessons Thursday, including our first “night club” dancing, followed by pool and spa time, with bridge again in the evening.  Friday was golf and exercise, a 50th anniversary party for next door neighbors Paul and Lorna Graham, dinner at Costa Mesa (our favorite Mexican food restaurant in the RGV) and the “First Friday Art Walk” in downtown McAllen with Al and Sharon Crawford, Dave and Sandy Muscat, and Ernie and Karen Martelle.  We were treated to a performance by the McAllen High School Mariachi Band at one of the venues for the Art Walk, and they were amazing as usual. Finally, Saturday, with Kay suffering from a serious tooth ache, we called a halt to our “goings and comings” though we did show at Costco’s, I waxed part of the motorhome, and Kay did some Christmas shopping for the grands.

Hot Springs Village house construction this week included preparing the garage footprint for placement of the slab, involving leveling the base material and placing a vapor barrier on top of the base, and delivering the “house kit”, i.e. lumber and wood components for framing the house.141202 E 001

141206 E 002

141204 E 003

141204 E 004

Many, many thanks to Jim Passe for keeping us up to date and proving photos for our enjoyment.  In addition, we made a decision on the style of brick for the veneer, Vernon by Claymex; hopefully, it will be within budget.


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