Saturday, November 29—Two-barred Flasher Butterfly

141129 E 002

After coffee at the Activities Center, Kay and I drove to breakfast on Saturday morning on our way to Estero Llano Grande State Park.  We ate at Diaz Diner in Mission; it is an old, established diner, and very reliable for good food.  Following breakfast, we drove to Wells of Weslaco, Kay’s favorite women’s clothing store, so she could exchange a blouse from last season; it faded during cleaing, despite following label instructions.  And then we were off to chase butterflies.  As we entered the state park, folks were parking on the grass in front of the large parking lot, and we though that it was just after Thanksgiving traffic.  As we were approaching the path to check in, someone yelled my name, and it was Jerry Smith.  We saw him, and noted at least a hundred birders all grouped together.  Jerry said they were all hoping to get a glimpse of the quite rare Red-legged Honey Creeper bird. After handshakes and hugs, we checked in for wrist bands, and immediately found the somewhat rare Two-barred Flasher Butterfly, another lifer for me.  And while waiting to see the Honey Creeper, we spotted a Zebra Heliconian Butterfly, a first for Kay.  After meandering around for a while, someone spotted the Honey Creeper fly into a tree.  And then, after several minutes, it flew into the area where it had fed yesterday, and I saw it among other birds, through could not identify it, and certainly didn’t get a photograph.  We saw a couple more Two-barred Flashers, and ran into Phil Kelly again.  He provided several pointers with respect to the Two-barred Flasher as well identifying features of some of the Skippers—nice guy.

141129 E 009

141129 E 005

141129 E 008

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