Sunday through Saturday, December 7-13—Just a Normal Week in the Valley

This was a pretty typical week in the Valley, with too much going on and not enough time to do all we want to do. Exercise and golf, for Kay and me respectively, were significant events of the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Kay decorated the motorhome for Christmas this week.  We began waxing the motorhome, and made significant progress on the almost too big job.  I have been foregoing happy hour at the palapa and margarita hour, to have some “me” time, and enjoy the peace and quiet in the motorhome.

141207 5200

The week began on Sunday with a TubaChristmas at the University of Texas, Pan America.  TubaChristmas is a music concert held in cities worldwide that celebrates those who play, teach, and compose music for instruments in the tuba family, including the tuba, sousaphone, baritone, and euphonium.  Some 400 musicians played to a standing room only crowd (2,500+ people) in the concert we attended.  The music was great and the event was a hoot!

Kay managed to get a dental appointment Monday to check out the tooth ache, and scheduled a root canal for next week, ugh!  This has becoming an annual event.  She is taking heavy antibiotics in preparation for the oral surgery.

On Tuesday, we did cutouts of furniture for the new house, and placed the pieces on the floor plan in different configurations to see how the furniture would fit.  And then, our attempts to shop for furniture were defeated as none of the stores here in the Valley carry the brands in which we are interested.

On Thursday evening, we attended an outdoors “big band” Christmas concert at Quinta Mazatlan.  The concert was just so so.  (NOTE:  Quinta Mazatlan is an old estate centered around a historic mansion in McAllen.  For much of its existence since construction in 1935, the Spanish Revival Style mansion was a private and rather luxurious residence, complete with a Roman tub. It possessed the distinction then and now of being one of, if not, the largest adobe structures in Texas, about 10,000 square feet.)

Both Friday and Saturday were relatively quiet for us, with no outside activities, except golf at Tierra Santa in Weslaco, though I did finish waxing the motorhome Saturday.

141212 iE 001

We’ve begun another blog chronicling the move to Hot Springs Village (HSV), Arkansas, and construction of the HSV house.  It can be found at  Consequently, details and photos for this big activity have been omitted here.  This week did see installation of the floor joists/beams and subfloor, and erection of some of the walls.  And, we approved the first big draw on the construction loan.  Photo below courtesy of Jim Passe.

141213 JE 005

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