Thursday and Friday, November 27-28—Thanksgiving and Black Friday

141127 E 003
Once again, we celebrated Thanksgiving without family, though we did enjoy spending the day with Winter Texan friends, including Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, the Activities Committee planned a potluck around roasted turkey provided by the resort.  It was a good meal.  After the consequential nap, we enjoyed happy hour at the palapa (coffee for me), and played bridge in the evening with Al and Sharon. 141127 E 002
Kay was up early this Black Friday morning to purchase poinsettias for decorating the palapa.  She left the RV at 5:00 AM!  And, for the second week in a row, Al and I played golf at a “new to us” course, Tierra del Sol.  Tierra del Sol, in Pharr, is the Winter Texan No. 1 rated course in the Rio Grande Valley.  It was a long course with good tee boxes, fairways, and greens, and lots of water.  As we were approaching the green on the last hole, neighbor Lorna Graham called to advise that she had seen Mexican Bluewing Butterflies at Estero Llano Grande State Park.  Regettably I was too tired to go there.  I’ve been chasing a Bluewing for several years now, and was successful in seeing a few last year—but didn’t get any photographs.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.  Television was the entertainment of the evening.

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