Sunday through Wednesday, November 23-26—Four-spotted Sailer Butterfly

141125 E 003

It was another typical early first of the week—Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday—in the RGV, beginning with church and involving exercise and golf, playing bridge, finally replacing the tank fill/city water valve, and discovering a broken screen door latch.  Kay shopped for the younger grandkids’ Christmas presents, and I finally made it to the National Butterfly Center.  As I was approaching the gardens, Phil Kelly hailed me over to view a rare Four-spotted Sailer.  Many consider Phil to be one of the top lepidopterists in the world.  He, his wife, and their entourage spend Thanksgiving week in the RGV every year chasing butterflies.  Not only is he very helpful, but is also a very nice guy.  I was able to get several photographs of this butterfly.  Because of the wind, there weren’t many butterflies, but a few provided good photo opportunities.

141125 E 005

There seem to be fewer Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley this year than in the past; many believe it to be the direct result of all the political, Facebook, and media rants regarding the influx of illegals this summer, most of which were grossly untrue.  Anyway, it has adversely impacted many businesses, and their employees.  And, the resort where we are staying still has many vacancies, and the “energy” level is way down.  Weird!

Hot Springs Village house construction so far this week included completion of the concrete blocks and piers foundation.  Photos are courtesy of Jim Passe.

141126 B 001

141126 B 002

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