Sunday through Saturday, November 2-8—Already Too Busy, and Then Rain

The time change this fall was really confusing to me.  I was up early Sunday morning, walked, and readied for church, and urged Kay to get ready so as not to be late; it was just 7:00 AM, rather than 8:00 AM!  We did make it to church.  Afterwards, we returned to the motorhome, killed some time, and went to Peppe’s on the River, newly reopened, only to find that seats were sparse, despite uncrowded conditions.  We were to meet Wayne and Bessie there, but had a disconnect and could not reach them.  We (Kay, Lynn, Clint, Ann, and Vance) left there for the Riverside Club where we found a great band, food, and adult beverages, and enjoyed an afternoon of dancing.  Back at BPVRV Park, we made it to late happy hour, and settled in for Sunday evening television.

141103 P 003

Monday and Tuesday provided great opportunities for photographing butterflies and dragon/damsel flies while Kay explored a few stores and shops.  Despite winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour, lots of the bugs were flying, and a few landed long enough for photos.

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Kay was able to schedule a “beauty” appointment Wednesday morning.  The plan was for me to drop her off, hit golf balls, return to the motorhome and dump the tanks, and then pick her up.  Forecast rain struck early, and while Kay was able to make her beauty appointment, visiting the driving range was out of the question, but neither rain nor shine prevented dumping the tanks.

141106 E 001

More rain on Thursday, almost all day.  I had a hearing re-test only to discover a loss of 10 decibels in the right ear since last year; it formerly was the better ear, but no longer.  And, the hearing aids were not operating correctly, so off they went for what will likely be a new pair thanks to Costco.  Kay spent the morning researching new furniture online, and then went shopping just to get out of the motorhome.  The RGV here in Mission is so flat that the rain doesn’t run off, it just sits and slowly soaks in.  Consequently, we’re sitting in a very shallow lake. After happy hour in the palapa, we drove to Green Gate Grove for the first dance of the season, and enjoyed the evening with Wayne and Bessie.

Intermittent rain was the order of the day Friday.  Good friends, Al and Sharon Crawford of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, arrived about mid-afternoon, and were warmly greeted at the Circle #3 palapa happy hour.  It was sure good to see them.  Al and I play golf together, and he, Sharon, Kay, and I really enjoy playing bridge.  Also, Al had stents and a heart attack (in that order) earlier this year making him my stent mate.  With rain and cool weather, Kay prepared a pot of potato soup for our dinner, after which we watched a bit of television.

We were off to breakfast and the driving range Saturday morning when chest pressure and indigestion for the last couple of days caused finally caused enough concern for Kay to drive me to the ER at McAllen Medical Center.  An EKG and a battery of other tests and blood work revealed no cardiac issues, and the doctor released me shortly after lunch.  This is a new world for us—after my heart attack on July 14—as I don’t know how to react to the “little” chest pressures, twinges, and other side affects from stents.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  I slept the rest of the afternoon, and we enjoyed happy hour with the rest of Circle #3 residents.  A quiet evening was the prescription for the rest of the day.

141106 E 002

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