Sunday through Saturday, November 9-15—Ground Breaking

141114 4846

The real story of the week is that the Hot Springs Village lot was cleared and fill material added.  With decent weather, hopefully the seawall will be installed, the dock built, and the footings dug and concrete placed therein this week.  Many, many thanks to Jim/Ginny Passe for providing the photos!

141114 4845

141114 4847

Sunday was non-eventful; church and a bit of dancing at the Riverside Club.  Weather wise, it was a very pleasant day with highs in the high 70s.

Al and I teed off about 9:30 AM Monday at Palm View Golf Course, and had a great time, though neither of us played particularly well; in fact it was the worse game for each of us in several months.  Kay and I have definitely settled into a routine, as we’re staying busy, but have taken care of all the necessities of temporarily relocating.

Tuesday, too, was uneventful, as we enjoyed the last day of good weather for awhile.  Rain and cold are forecast for the RGV for the next several days, and the wind began increasing in the late afternoon, bringing in this new front.

It was a “stay inside” day Wednesday, with intermittent rain and temps plunging into the 40s.  I worked on various projects, including updating computers, making phone calls, etc. most of the day, though we did take time in the morning to fill out paperwork for an office consult Friday afternoon with a RGV cardiologist, and in the afternoon to sign papers for construction of the Hot Springs Village house.  Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort had their first “Margarita” evening, a soft opening, and a large crowd attended.  It was good renewing old acquaintances as several new arrivals were there.

Thursday was cold (low 50s) and rainy—another “stay inside” type of day—enough said.

We awoke to cold temperatures, mid-40s, Friday morning, though it did warm to mid-50s before the day was over.  Big events for the day were the arrival of Paul and Lorna Graham and Jim and Regi Miles, and a visit to the cardiologist.  Indigestion was likely the cause of my heart discomfort, and high blood pressure (now with a prescription for Atacand) were the diagnoses.  We really liked the cardiologist, Dr. Giraldo. He had read the file sent by Dr. Camp’s practice in Mountain Home; Dr. Camp’s practice is to be highly commended as they provided the file in record time as it was only requested Wednesday afternoon.

Our big event Saturday was the refitting of hearing aids from Costco; the prior right ear hearing aid had ceased working fully, and adjustments also had to be made to compensate for the 10 decibel loss of hearing in the right ear just since last year.  Wow, everything is so loud now!  Afterwards, we hit golf balls—not so well!

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