Saturday, November 1—Welcome "Home" Clint, Lynn, and Gayle

141101 006E

The weather is conducive to walking, and the sunrises are typically very colorful.  This Saturday morning was no exception.  After 2 laps around the resort, about 2 miles, we had breakfast, and Kay was off to HEB for regular groceries and I scrubbed on the tables and floor in the palapa.  It apparently had not been cleaned since we departed early last spring, and the birds had used it for all their “needs.”  Afterwards, we scurried off to the pool only to notice Clint and Lynn Charlesworth from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada, had just arrived.  After brief hugs, they began the long check-in process, while Kay and I basked in the sun and soaked in the hot tub.  And then an hour or so later, Gayle Neas from near Austin, Texas, pulled in in her motorhome.  Again, there were lots of hugs, followed by assisting her in setting up her motorhome for the winter.  And then, at 4:00 PM we had our first “big” happy hour at the palapa, joined by other RVers and some of the work campers.  It almost felt like old times.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll have at least 4 more RVs in the Circle, and enough folks to have a regular happy hour.  Upon returning to the motorhome, we set the clock and our watches back an hour, and watched football the rest of the evening.

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