Thursday and Friday, October 30-31—Settling In

141101 004E

After a walk and breakfast Thursday morning, we began the process of reorganizing, inside and out.  First, we collected our belongings from storage left here at BPVRV Resort over the summer.  We retrieved outside chairs, a garden hose, an outdoor “name” sign, bicycle rack, clothesline, and Christmas decorations. Once these were retrieved and either set up or put away, we washed the car, chairs, and bicycles, and then set up the patio for outdoor living.  By then, we were hot and sweaty, and the pool and hot tub was beckoning us to soak and relax.  Vance and Ann Grabow accompanied us to Buchanans for dining and dancing to the sounds of Roland Garcia Jr.  It was great to be back on the dance floor, and Roland was as good as ever.  What a way to end a great first day in the RGV.

141101 003E

With things somewhat organized, we were preparing to leave for shopping Friday morning, when an unexpected knock on the door alerted us to visitors.  We were very happy to greet good friends Wayne and Bessie Nickerson from Nova Scotia.  As we were catching up on news, it began to blow and rain.  They had just arrived the evening before, leaving some of their belongings outside while they organized; they had to rush back to their winter home to put those things in the dry.  And then, friends Jerry and Karen Smith knocked on the door.  It was great seeing them, and catching up with news over the summer.  They had been fulltimers, but recently sold their RV and truck, moving into a permanent house in Wisconsin where they will spend summers, while living in their permanent house here in the RGV in winters—the best of both worlds. We made it to Costco about mid-afternoon for some speciality groceries, and I was lucky enough to find the hearing specialist briefly unscheduled; she installed new receivers in the hearing aids, and scheduled a hearing test for next week.  We returned to BPVRV Resort to join Vance and Ann at happy hour, only to find the palapa really dirty and dusty as it had not  been cleaned for the season.  We cleaned off a small space, and enjoyed our first BPVRV Resort Circle 3 palapa happy hour.   Incidentally, today is Halloween, and the forecast is for 28° in northern Arkansas, with snow in other parts of the US!

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