Tuesday and Wednesday, October 28-29—Goin’ South

Yesterday, we had decided to delay the trip by one day to our winter place of residence in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  However, we were up real early Tuesday morning, and the forecast showed a 0% probability of rain until 11 AM.  We, therefore, began getting the motorhome ready to head south for the winter.  Wouldn’t you know it, just as soon as I got on the ladder to remove the Tailgater satellite dish, it began sprinkling.  Kay drove to Walmart to purchase insecticide granules for the ferocious ants in Texas, I continued readying the motorhome for travel, and the sprinkling became intermittent.  We pulled out of Maumelle COE Park at 7:40 AM, making our way through Little Rock traffic.  After a half hour on the road, it began lightly raining, and continued until we reached the Texas border—so much for the 0% forecast!  With a front coming in, we faced a headwind all day long, and we discovered the dash air conditioner did not work.  Fortunately, the motorhome generator powered the coach air conditioner and provided relief as we drove to overnight at Colorado Landing RV and Mobile Home Park in LaGrange, Texas.

Wednesday, we continued the drive south.  After the atmosphere heated to the mid-80s, we stopped for gasoline, and tried the generator with no success; thus, no coach air conditioner, either, for the rest of the way.  We began to see butterflies by the thousands as we neared Alice, Texas, and several hitched a ride on the front of the motorhome!141029 002E  The day’s drive was relatively easy, but rough roads are everywhere, perhaps because of the substantial oil and gas industry which has ramped up the last few years.  Upon arrival at Bentsen Palm Village RV (BPVRV) Resort, the inside of the coach had heated to 90°.   We met the new managers, checked in, and set up for the winter; for us, a very deliberate process as this will be home for the next five months.  Finally, after a few hours, electricity, water softener and water, sewer, internet, and satellite were up and working.  We enjoyed pool time, cooling off in the 90° temperatures, and meeting several of this year’s work campers.  Cheddars was the dining choice of the evening, and it was packed with wait times to get in.  The food was very good.  This is the earliest we have arrived in the RGV, but it seems like more Winter Texans are here already compared to mid November and early December from years past.  And, the RGV area in general is growing in leaps and bounds—perhaps the fastest growing area in the US—but still quite friendly!  Oh well, we were glad to be “home” and breathed a long sign of relief from the hectic pace of the last several months.

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