Monday, October 27—Preliminaries for Building a New House, Part 2

Another appointment, and our last one, was scheduled for 9 AM at Pro Source in Maumelle on Monday.  Pro Source is the largest wholesaler for flooring in the US; they also handle granite, speciality sinks, tile, and paint.  The interior designer, Bill, has over 20 years experience, and was very good, particularly when working with Cris of Renaissance Homes. He solicited our tastes, and then arranged everything on the floor from which to pick and choose, pointing out pros and cons of each.  We were pretty easy customers—having done this 10 years ago—and this time the process was more organized, perhaps because of his expertise and vast experience.  We are still uncertain about the brick or brick/rock facade, but provided several alternatives to Cris.  So, unless there are some forgotten details, we have finished with our selections!   

141019 4642

We returned to a hot motorhome; temperatures have been unseasonably warm the last three days, with temps in the mid to high 80s.  Ridge and his parents came by about 6:30 PM for a final farewell, and he seemingly has grown an inch or two since his birthday a few days ago.  Our original plans were to leave today, then were changed to leave tomorrow, but now rain and thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow have caused us to delay departure yet another day.

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