Friday and Saturday, September 26-27—Timeout for Family

After an early morning walk on Friday, we continued packing for a couple of hours before taking an extended break for a family visit.  Ron arrived first, followed a couple hours later by Jenny, Brian, and Harper.  She had grown since the last time we saw her in July, and of course, gets prettier each day that passes.  We all hung out on the patio for the afternoon, and then Jenny, Brian, Harper, and I drove to the Quarry Park campground below Norfork Dam.  The little kids’ playground did not offer much of a challenge for the ever-climbing 2-year old Harper, but the big kids’ playground was just about right.  She is strong, well coordinated, and ever active!  Back at the house Kay and Ron completed dinner—shrimp creole on rice, salad, and broccoli for most of us, and shrimp creole on pasta and broccoli for Jenny.  Jenny and Brian put Harper to bed, but couldn’t stay awake themselves; the others of us went to bed early with Kay and me sleeping in the motorhome.

140927 002E

Kay and I slept in the motorhome last night, and awoke early to greet family members as they arose.  First was Ron, then Harper, then Jenny followed by Brian.  Harper is a very active 2-year old, and loves to run and climb; she’ll get away from who’s watching her in a heart beat!  We played and walked a good portion of the morning.  Ron didn’t sleep well as his dog kept pacing about the bedroom, so he packed up, taking a lot of our frozen food and a few of our winter clothes with him (we’ll wear them when we return to Arkansas from the Rio Grande Valle during the holidays).  Jenny did not feel well when she woke up, and felt worse as the morning wore on.  Finally, having enough of nausea, etc. she asked to cut their visit short and return home; of course, we understood, and felt sorry for her as we could tell she was very uncomfortable.  Consequently, we were all alone again just after lunch.  Kay packed a few items, and we moved some things from the upper garage and storage building to the small lower garage.  With unscheduled time on our hands, we searched and dug and dug, looking for the St. Joseph statue buried when we put the house on the market in April.  Finally, after digging about 10 holes we retrieved it, washed it off, and will carry it to the new house.  God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good.  Otherwise, we just chilled.

140927 005E

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