Sunday through Saturday, September 28 – October 4—Packing Hell

With guests leaving early, Kay and I went to church and Sunday school, and ate lunch at Chen’s with Bruce and Joan.  We resumed packing Sunday afternoon.

Kay received a call Monday morning from the buyer’s bank to schedule a time for their appraisal of the house; the appraisal was scheduled for Wednesday morning.  We continued packing Monday and Tuesday, but our enthusiasm is quickly subsiding.  

The appraiser came, did his job, and left Wednesday morning while we packed.  We took off several hours to drive into Mountain Home for high dose flu shots, “13” pneumonia shots, and a tetnus, etc. shot for me—what a circus.  Walgreens did not have the high dose flu vaccine, but Fred’s Dollar Store did, but when we drove there, the computer link to Medicare was down and they could not fill any prescriptions.  We run errands until 1 PM, returned to Fred’s and managed to get the flu shots and my tetnus, etc. shot, but they did not have the “13” vaccine, so it was back to Walgreen’s for that.  Some 30 minutes later, about 2:30 PM, we were finally on our way home, exhausted by all the convoluted system.  We packed like crazy for the rest of the day and early evening, and moved the boxes to the lower garage, our staging area, to make loading the moving truck easier.  For us, at our age and in this time of our lives, it has been “packing hell.”

IMG 0136

By Thursday noon we were about 98% complete with packing, with only odds and ends remaining.  With temperatures in the mid-90s, the air conditioner had been on all week, and had been making a grinding and grating noise when starting up.  An inspection by Custom Heating and Air Conditioning revealed that the compressor would need replaced very soon.  Of course, we gave the go ahead to replace it—another $2,000 gone in a flash!  George and Nan arrived shortly before 6:30 PM for a visit.  Kay searched the near empty freezer and found some frozen soups, thawed and heated them, and made a large skillet of cornbread—after a tiring day for all, we thoroughly enjoyed the food—um um good!

Friday was family day, and we enjoyed George and Nan’s company.  George and I walked and visited with Wayne, while Kay and Nan treated each other to pedicures.  We all went into town for dinner at Chen’s, and upon returning to the house, laughed a bunch late into the evening with stories of kids, parents, and each other.

Geroge and Nan were up early, at least for them, Saturday morning as they had an almost 600-mile drive to Cincinnati.  We hated to see them go as we visit so rarely, but bid our farewell as they departed.  I drove to the feed store to buy corn for the deer and turkey feeders.  Kay filled bird feeders, and we filled the deer and turkey feeders.  As an aside, we’re making videos of the various systems around the house for the buyers, and Kay video-recorded the process of filling the feeder, replacing the battery, setting the program, and testing to make sure it works.  Kay packed a few things from the kitchen and her bedside table.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed—actually, saying a lot of prayers—that nothing will go wrong with the move, sale, and relocation

1 thought on “Sunday through Saturday, September 28 – October 4—Packing Hell

  1. never di like packing… one advantage of full timing as we did with nothing in storage means packing will be less stressful our next time… best of luck to you and Kay

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