Tuesday through Thursday, September 23-25—Packing, and oh by the way, Happy Birthday (S-24)

140923 017E

Tuesday marked Kay’s birthday; she sure is growing older gracefully, and gets more beautiful every day!  After our early morning walk, I washed and vacuumed the Honda while Kay prepared breakfast.  With a moving date of October 10 and 3 sets of guests visiting before the move, we began packing clothes and personal things in earnest, finding that we work better together than working separately.  We took a timeout to go into Mountain Home for a Happy Birthday lunch at the Thai restaurant, resuming packing upon returning home.  And, oh by the way, we’re seeing a few butterflies, though nowhere the numbers or species we observed last year.

140923 015E

We continued packing Wednesday and Thursday (we are now about 75% complete), and to make it a bit easier, began loading our “Winter Texan” clothes in the motorhome.  We drove into “town” Thursday to get flu shots, but Walgreens was out of the high dose serum.  After lunch at Chen’s, Kay dropped me off at Big Creek to hit balls while she ran errands and grocery shopped for our weekend guests.  After returning home, I took a nap while Kay continued packing—we sure have a lot of clothes and stuff; thank goodness we’re leaving the furniture and household goods!

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