Friday, September 19—Firm Closing Date

140919 005E

With upset tummies, we skipped breakfast and drove a roundabout route to Magellan Golf Course to hit a few balls and work on our short games. Kay finished her small bucket of balls, and was working on her short game when I spotted her on the phone near the clubhouse Giving a thumbs up.  I thought it was in reference to a call to the “potential” builder of a “possible” new house in Hot Springs Village.  Seeing and hearing her, I asked what was going on, and she said we were all clear for an October 17 closing date; no appraisal and no inspection—that makes today S-28 (selling date minus 28 days).  While the inspection part didn’t bother us, we were both concerned about the appraisal given the history of low appraisals in the area.  Once again this miracle can only be explained by God’s intervention; God has intervened in every facet of this move, including the timing of each step. Both Kay and I are blown away by this, and to say that our faith has been strengthened exponentially would be an understatement. Now, we can relax a couple of days before getting serious about packing, moving, and finding a permanent place to live; it appears that we’ll be living in the motorhome for a minimum of 6 months–fulltimers, so to speak.  I played golf–not too well–while Kay hung out with girlfriends.  That’s how our day went, how about yours?

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