Sunday through Thursday, September 14-18—Back to Hot Springs Village


I drove straight to the Village (Hot Springs Village) on Sunday, arriving at the storage facility shortly after lunch, and unpacking the Expedition; it really held a lot of stuff.  Kay arrived, after a couple of stops in central Arkansas, just as I finished unpacking and was pulling the door down—her timing was impeccable.  After leaving the storage facility, we moved into our rental efficiency apartment for the upcoming week.  Jim and Ginny Passe invited us for cocktails and soup, and especially to view their new luxury motor coach.  It was spectacular, with all the bells and whistles one could want, including a bath and a half, a dishwasher, and many other luxury options.  After the viewing, we enjoyed a bowl of Ginny’s fabulous tortilla soup, followed by a boat ride around Lake Balboa.  We had a busy day!

140917 003E

Even though the Village is a bit isolated, it is not nearly so much as is where we live in Norfork.  Consequently, we take advantage of the shopping and dining while in the Village.  Over the course of the next few days—Monday through Thursday—we practiced golf, played golf, read, and visited with friends, taking as much a break from our hectic lives as our situation would allow.  My golf game started out decently, and progressively got worse over the course of the week; Kay has labeled golf “the devil’s game”.  Speaking of the devil, Pams gonna kill me for the last photo; its Kays fault, she took the picture.

140919 004E

140919 006E

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