Saturday, September 20—Real Estate Overload (S-27)

140520 003E

It’s 27 days to closing on our house of 10 years.  Thinking we had an appointment for 10 AM to look at a few houses with our realtor, we took our time getting out of the efficiency apartment Saturday morning.  We headed out the door at 8:35 AM to have a leisurely breakfast when Kay received a call that we were late for an 8:30 AM appointment.  We took a different route, missing breakfast, and met the realtor for the first house viewing.  The houses we looked at today covered a large spectrum from big, outdated, small, shabby, overpriced, etc.  We found a couple we could easily live in, but neither really stood out.  We also met with a builder, but he doesn’t seem to be a good fit for us as he builds smaller spec houses.  Finally, I told Kay that I was on overload and had reached a point of saturation—time to quit for now.  Consequently, we could be homeless and living in our motorhome full time  come October 17!

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