Friday and Saturday, September 12-13—Beginning the Move

140913 001E

We continued packing on Friday, with a goal of completing the hobby room/shop, and succeeded in getting everything packable into boxes, and labeled, including whether for climate controlled or non-climate controlled storage.  As you might imagine, our lives have been taken over by the “move”.  Of course, all the packing is being done on faith, as “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”.  We also took a break from packing to put the cover on the pontoon, perhaps for the last time—weather and schedule will dictate. 

On Saturday we began packing power tools (table saw, drill press, band saw, router and router table) one-person pontoon boats, paddles, hiking staffs, PFDs, extra bicycle, gun cases, and kayaks into and onto the Expedition, for the trip to storage facilities in Hot Springs Village, while guns and other ammunition, a few personal things, golf clubs, and our clothes and toiletries were packed in the Honda CR V for storage in Matt’s gun safe in central Arkansas and for our week in the Village, respectively.  Dave and CJ Reece from the Memphis area dropped by, accompanied by their neighbors, to say hello.  They are here for a few days’ fly fishing and relaxing.  Dave and I worked together in New Orleans in the late 1970s, and again in Memphis in the late 1990s before I moved to Little Rock in 1999.  It was good to visit with them, if only briefly.

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