Sunday through Saturday, April 27-May 3—More of the Same, Boring

This week was much the same as prior weeks, and we’re beginning to think we’re living Groundhog Week (remember the movie, Groundhog Day) every week.  Despite our committing to live a normal life after listing the house, we are walking on egg shells around the house, trying to keep it clean when and if a real estate showing occurs.  And since I don’t fish much anymore, there’s lots of extra time to not do anything!
Tuesday was spent spiffing up the place and with Kay cooking brunch items in anticipation of Wednesday’s MLS Realtors tour of newly listed houses.  I escaped early Wednesday morning, driving to Melbourne, AR, to play golf at Cooper’s Hawk, while Kay entertained a dozen or more realtors.  It was cold, 49°, damp with spitting rain, and windy.  Despite that and two weeks’ of great practices, I played golf like a dog!  The course played longer than the score card indicated, and is okay, but not what I expected for the “Number One” rated public course in Arkansas. 
Thursday and Friday were slow, by our typical standards, though a highlight of the week was the return Thursday of a Red-breasted Grosbeak.  It is so skittish that I have been unable to photograph it.  Hundreds of American Goldfinches have also arrived this week and are eating us out of house and home.  These flocks must be migrating through, and when one senses danger all of them fly away, including the Red-breasted Grosbeak.  I did hit a bucket of golf balls Thursday and Friday, respectively, and had less than desirable practices.  This golf game is getting me down—two steps forward, one step back.  Will I ever get consistently okay?  140503 E 001
Saturday morning we experienced another surprise when 4 Baltimore Orioles showed up at and near the hummingbird feeder while we were eating breakfast, allowing us up close and personal views.  This photo was taken through the double-paned window.  Afterwards, camera in hand, I went to enjoy a quiet, cool morning on the patio, but was once again chased indoors by burning leaves, and the gentle southwest wind blew the acrid smoke right onto us.  We drove into Mountain Home, and I hit golf balls (best practice so far) while Kay attended the woodcarvers and woodturners show where she bought 3 pieces of wood for use next winter in the Rio Grande Valley.  Back at home, we received an invitation to attend a “jam” near Mountain View, but misconnected and returned home “empty handed”.

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