Sunday through Saturday, May 4-17—Our Topsy Turvy World

These two weeks have been a topsy turvy, helter skelter period in our lives.  We spent the better part of the first week catching up on yard work, and doing a combination of spring cleaning and moving preparation, whenever that might be.  There have only been two “parties” look at the house, but we know it only takes one buyer, and the top producer in Kay’s real estate office says that buying traffic has not yet begun, and that it will sell, but might take 6 months to a year, and that we have it priced appropriately.   We drove to central Arkansas on Friday of the first week, and I was fitted for new golf clubs at the Arkansas Golf Center; wonder if they’ll improve my game?  We spent the weekend “assisting” potty training Ridge.  In this regard he had limited success, and now enjoys wearing “big boy” underwear (man panties), and is alerting his caretakers when the need arises—way to go, Ridge (Kay and I found ourselves being a cheering section when things went right).  After the weekend, we  attended Kaden’s last high school band concert as he’ll be off to college this fall, and spent the night at Ron’s house.
Tuesday morning, May 13 and 10 years to the day we moved into our Norfork house, we closed on a lakefront lot in Hot Springs Village where we intend to build.  We stayed in an efficiency apartment and it was ideal, including a rushing stream downhill and within sight.  Tuesday evening we were guests of Jim and Ginny Passe at a steak dinner at their church, and it included a presentation on geriatric wellness care by a physician with St. Vincent’s Hospitals—very enlightening as he corrected a lot of “garbage” statements being posted as facts on the internet by those opposed to the Affordable Care Act (this is very troubling to us as it may result in lack of treatment or even death by some who read these misstatements, believe them, and either refuse medical care/treatment or don’t even bother seeking assistance).  It rained all week, giving us a chance to familiar ourselves with the Village and outlying areas east and west, pick up maps and brochures, and look at houses and landscaping. Wednesday evening we had dinner with a group of Kay’s book club friends and their spouses, and really enjoyed the meal and conversation.  While in the Village, we were able to look at a house being constructed using a plan that we really like, and the lay of the lot was similar to ours, giving us a great “feel” for how that house would sit on our lot.
We drove back to Benton on Thursday evening to attend the Benton High School Band banquet, where Kaden was recognized for all his years in the band—seems like yesterday when he first started playing the trumpet.
We returned home Friday morning and resumed spring cleaning, sleeping in yet a different bed for the sixth time in 8 days.  Saturday, we said goodbye to a long-term member of our family, Kays 2000 Explorer.  She sold it to Sandy and John Simanks son.  He is getting a great car as everything still works great, and it still looked great almost 14 years after Kay bought it.  
So, with closing on the lot in Hot Springs Village and selling the Explorer, we are inching closer to making the move to west central Arkansas.

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