Sunday through Saturday, April 20-26—Gardening and Golf

Kay left early for church Easter morning, and I remained home with Jenny, Brian, and Harper.  Kay made it home in time for us both to say goodbye.  We sure enjoyed having the younger grandkids, and of course their families, visit over Easter.   After all the kids left, I sprayed the season’s first application of Roundup, as the weeds have gone crazy.  And then, we did a deep cleaning of the house, particularly since it is for sale and showings are possible at any time.  I drove into Mountain Home to the driving range at Big Creek Golf and Country Club, hit golf balls—really good for a change—and for first time felt like the lessons were paying off and that I could become a serious golfer.

After coffee and breakfast Monday morning, Kay got a call that a realtor was on the way with clients to view the house.  We hurriedly put up a few things, and were preparing to leave about the same time they showed up.  We exchanged greetings, and left for a few minutes to allow them privacy as they toured the house—the cleaning yesterday was fortuitous!  After returning home, we drove into Mountain Home and I hit golf balls again at Big Creek, and had another great practice, with mostly good hits.  So far, so good.  We have been in contact with a builder, Brandon Tedder of Rennaissance Homes, Inc. for a couple of weeks, and really like him.  A few days ago, we asked him to look at the build ability on a lot in Hot Springs Village, potentially our new place of residence when we sell the house.  He emailed tonight indicating that he was going to the Village tomorrow (Tuesday), would walk the lot, and provide feedback.  We are anxiously awaiting hearing back from heim.

Kay and I went into Mountain Home again on Tuesday, where she dropped me off to hit golf balls, while she went to Lowe’s to buy annuals—marigolds and periwinkles.  I had a good, though not great practice, but am still satisfied with progress that is being made.  Upon our return home, I “broke up” the beds while Kay planted the annuals.  We received an email from Brandon providing particulars of his waking the lot.  Since it is a lake lot, one of our questions concerns pool elevation versus building elevation, and potential for flooding.  He provided a tentative answer, but promised to have his surveyor check particulars tomorrow.  Again, we anxiously await hearing from him.  

On Wednesday, I drove into Mountain Home again to hit golf balls, and had another good, but not great practice.  We received another email from Brandon, verifying the information he provided yesterday.  With positive information at hand, we made an offer on #38 Panorama, Hot Springs Village.  Now, its wait and see if it is accepted.

Heavy rain was predicted for Thursday, and while Kay was in Mountain Home for some medical tests, I worked around the house, resetting wireless printers, updating computers, etc., then worked outside.  I planted Creeping Jenny between the large flat rocks we had placed last year as stepping stones in the back, and Lariope along the gravel path to the back faucet.  And then, I cut weeds, by hand, that had begun to grow in the septic field (the weeds were too fought for a WeedEater),—the improved golf swing came in hand swinging the weed cutter.  When Kay returned, the back of the car was full of more annuals and cypress mulch.  The hummingbirds and butterflies should really appreciate her.  I loosened the beds while she planted the annuals, and then we both spread mulch, trying to beat the rain which never came.  I saw a first of season (FOS) Baltimore Oriole at one of the hummingbird feeders, but could never get a photograph.  I played its call extensively on the iPad without results.  We wrapped up a busy day playing cards with the Todds, and enjoyed the visit.  Kay checked her email and saw that the owner had accepted our offer on #38 Panorama—another step forward towards our relocating to Hot Springs Village.

Kay had more medical testing scheduled for Friday; I dropped her off at Baxter Regional Medical Center, and continued to Big Creek where I had the best practice yet—hitting over 80% good shots.  Kay texted that she was finished with testing, I picked her up, and we stopped at Chen’s Chinese buffet for a late lunch; it was the best this year for Chen’s.  We followed lunch with an almost daily trip to Walmart for groceries; do we really eat that much?  Back at home, we napped and enjoyed the peace and quiet of Dunnhill, seeing our FOS Rose Tuesday was spent spiffing up the place Grosbeak.  It must have been a young male based on coloring and the fact that it didn’t venture too far out of the trees.  Back on the patio, the hummingbirds were going crazy, and are emptying feeders with some frequency.  Is this a good life or what!

Our routine was more of the same on Saturday.  I advised Kay that since I basically quit fishing near our house, there’s LOTS of available time to be bored, particularly with a bad dose of laziness.

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