Thursday through Thursday, April 17-24—Making an Offer on a Lot

On Thursday, April 17, we drove from Five Lakes Outing Club near Hughes, Arkansas, (guests of Ed and Linda Richmond) to near Maumelle for an appointment with Rennaissance Homes, Inc. to interview owner Brandon Tedder about new home construction in Hot Springs Village.  It was a great visit and we provided input on our “requirements” for a new house.  Rennaissance Homes, Inc. is seemingly a great company with good floor plans and ideas.  It is both a Green certified and Energy Star certified builder.


After coffee and breakfast Monday morning, April 21, Kay got a call that a realtor was on the way with clients to view the Norfork house.  We hurriedly put up a few things, and were preparing to leave about the same time they showed up.  We exchanged greetings, and left for a few minutes to allow them privacy as they toured the house—the cleaning yesterday was fortuitous!  A few days ago, we asked Brandon Tedder of Renaissance Home, Inc. to look at the build ability of a house on the Lake Estrella lot in Hot Springs Village, potentially our new place of residence when we sell the house.  He emailed tonight indicating that he was going to the Village tomorrow (Tuesday), would walk the lot, and provide feedback.  We are anxiously awaiting hearing back from him.

We received an email from Brandon on Tuesday, April 22, providing particulars of his walking the lot.  Since it is a lake lot, one of our questions concerned pool elevation versus building elevation, and potential for flooding.  He provided a tentative answer, but promised to have his surveyor check particulars tomorrow.  Again, we anxiously await hearing from him.

On Wednesday, April 23, we received another email from Brandon, verifying the information he provided yesterday.  With positive information at hand, we made an offer on #38 Panorama, Hot Springs Village.  Now, it’s wait and see if it is accepted.

141122 E 001 2

Thursday, April 24, Kay checked her email and saw that the owner had accepted our offer on #38 Panorama—another step forward towards relocating to Hot Springs Village.

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