Thursday through Sunday, April 3-6—We Make a Major Decision

Thursday’s highlight was a visit to Hot Springs Village to investigate the largest gated community in the US, and spend some time with a realtor touring a few properties; yes, we have decided to relocate there subject to selling our Norfork house.  For the last several years, we have talked about relocating to the Village, but each time we second guess ourselves and back out.  We came close last spring, but instead decided to invest in landscaping and furniture, and remain where we are for the next 5 years.  However, we have two grandchildren under the age of 3, and want to be a part of their lives, and we believe that moving to the Village would facilitate that.  Of course, there are many pros and cons for remaining where we are or moving.  And we haven’t formalized a decision as yet, though we both have a peace of mind with respect to transitioning into this next phase of our lives.
In the village, we spent about 4 hours looking at existing and new construction, driving around the various neighborhoods, looking at some of the almost unlimited amenities, and were really impressed with the Village.  The golf courses looked very enticing, and the lakes looked ready for bluegill fly fishing.  We realized that we don’t want to be located on a golf course, really like lakefront property, and like new construction.
Back in Maumelle, we picked Ridge up from daycare and had an evening of playtime.
Friday, we took Ridge to daycare, and drove home.  We have been in the process of spring cleaning, and continued picking out clothes that either didn’t fit or were out of style, and identified “things” that we no longer had a use for, or hadn’t used in several years.  It’s amazing how much “stuff” people can amass.  It’s a sure thing that this spring cleaning job is going to take several days.  Additionally, we took several photos of Dunnhill for a real estate listing.
Spring cleaning continued on Saturday, and I have completed “cleaning” both the master bedroom closet and the cedar-lined closet.  Most of the clothes, belts, suspenders, etc. are ones I hope I never get large enough to wear again!  I drove into town to hit golf balls (homework from the 2nd lesson), and Kay drove in to grocery shop and buy mulch for the beds.  We spent part of the afternoon spreading mulch.  
After Sunday School and church, Kay dropped me off to hit more golf balls (the lessons seem to be helping, though it’s painfully slow), while she went to her office to pick up some paperwork to list the Norfork house.  Afterwards, we bought more mulch and after returning home and changing clothes, spread it.
We both are stressed to the max with respect to selling the house, and all the requirements that go along with it, and possibly having to buy or build another and move.  And since we neither one have slept well, we are a bit exhausted, even though we’ve turned the whole process over to a higher power.  
This Charbonneau-built, custom lodge-style house sits on 2 acres of rolling hillside in the Norfork River valley within easy walking distance to the world famous Norfork River, but OUT OF THE FLOODPLAIN.  The energy-efficient house contains over 5,000 square feet under roof and 3,100 square feet heated and cooled, and includes 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, open kitchen, dining, and living room combination, library/office, den, and extra large hobby room with heat pump HVAC, dual-fuel heating, double-paned wooden windows, solid core doors, hardwood and tile floors, heated tile in the master bathroom suite, central vacuum, trash compactor, and other amenities too numerous to mention.  The house contains an oversized double garage and an ATV/golf cart garage, a large patio, three covered porches, and a large deck.  Accessed via a winding, tree-covered lane, the house is surrounded by professionally landscaped and irrigated stacked-stone beds containing perennial plants, shrubs, and trees preferred by hummingbirds and butterflies, and deer and turkeys abound on the 2-acre wooded lot.

Anyway, if you know anyone that wants a great house in a great location, their realtor may contact Kay.

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