Monday and Tuesday, April 7-8—House for Sale


We continued spring cleaning Monday morning, and Kay went into her real estate office (Gilbert Real Estate) shortly after lunch to formalize the listing to sell our house, the beloved Dunnhill.  She texted that realtors from her office would do a preview of the house tomorrow!  Panic!  I feverishly tidied up the house, stowing cameras, binoculars, computers, etc., and loaded the Expedition with oversized clothes and the Explorer with “spring cleaning” remnants t She returned after Crossroads Band practice with a FOR SALE sign.  Guess that makes it official!

First thing Tuesday morning, I erected the FOR SALE sign, and upon returning to the house, Kay and I buried a Saint Joseph statue in front of the house, and said the Saint Joseph’s prayer.  Kay began making fruit cups and cookies for the previewers.  We were supposed to be 9th on the list of houses to be previewed, and since they were leaving from MountainHome at 8 AM, we thought it would be about 11 AM before they reached Dunnhill.  WRONG!  They began arriving just after 9:30 AM.  I left while they were there, but they didn’t stay long.  By noon, it had already been a full day, and I still had a haircut to go!  We visited with Sandy, John, and Ed for a short while Tuesday evening as we had not seen them in almost 6 months.


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