Sunday through Wednesday, March 30-April 2—On the Go, Again

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Kay resumed singing in the Crossroads Band at church on Sunday morning.  After a 4-month absence, we had forgotten how good the band really is.  Rodney preached a great sermon, “Counter Intuitive” which struck a chord with us.  It reminded me of the Gallup Leadership Institute which teaches the premise of encouraging people’s strengths rather than concentrating on their weaknesses.  After Sunday school, we returned to Chen’s Chinese buffet, and Kay returned home while I hit golf balls.  There were more good shots than bad ones.  Back at home, we loaded the bicycles, drove to the White River, and rode almost 11 miles along the river.  There are still snowbanks along this river road.  We saw lots of birds, and a Pipevine or Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly; but despite chasing it for more than 5-minutes, we could never get a photo.  We also saw what looked like a Tropical Leafwing Butterfly, but our area is far out of their range.  It was more likely an Eastern Comma or Questionmark.  If only I could have gotten a photo!

We resumed spring cleaning on Monday, moving things from the upper and lower garages to the storage building and relocating hoses to back outside near the faucets.  Kay cleaned the motorhome and raked leaves, and I continued straightening the shop mess.  Trying to complete homework before the next golf lesson, I hit golf balls, and amazingly hit pretty well.  Kay drove into town in the evening for Crossroads Band practice.

Tuesday Wayne and I had coffee this morning, after which he drove us to Quarry Park to check out RV sites—Wayne is such a good friend.  We saw Mr. Wiff fishing, and briefly visited with him.  Mr. Wiff and his wife are 84-year old RVers (soon to be 85) who “camp” at Quarry Park a month each spring and each fall, respectively.  They just acquired a new-to-them Winnebago Adventurer after driving their 2006 Winnebago Adventurer some 150,000 miles—that’s optimism—including over 10 trips to Alaska where they monitor a launching ramp in the Kenai Peninsula.  He still looks great and gets around well despite his age and diabetes.  On the way home, I saw a Tiger Swallowtail along River Ridge Road.  After returning home, we enjoyed the birds and butterflies, spotting another Eastern Comma or Questionmark and a very small butterfly or moth that was black with a large red spot and white fringe on each top wing.  I could not find it in any of the butterfly identification books or on the internet.  We drove to Maumelle to babysit Ridge for a couple of days, and he was glad to see us when we arrived.  I hit golf balls (poorly) at Country Club of Arkansas, and returned to the house where we had a quiet evening.

Wednesday, took Ridge to daycare, went to Apple store and bought a new iPad Air; now, Kay and I each have an iPad.  Her computer has become painfully slow, and even reading emails and doing internet searches is major chore.  We had lunch at Whole Hog Cafe, a great barbecue restaurant.  The pulled pork salad was fabulous!  Back at Maumelle, we downloaded apps to the new iPad, and transferred data between the old and new.  After Kay’s picking Ridge up from daycare, I drove to Conway for a 2nd golf lesson, and feel that improvement is gradually being made.

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