Thursday through Saturday, February 20-22—The Storm Before the Calm

Wow, everyone is really packing the calendar with get-togethers, golf, arts and crafts, cycling, parties, etc. before folks begin pulling out in a week or so for home or their next stop.  And, we seem to be right in the middle of it!  With high winds again Thursday, Kay and I did a short bicycle ride into Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park next door, stopping along the way to look at birds at the Kiskadee Blind and Eagle Pond.

Ride Time: 29:16Stopped Time: 1:02:16Distance: 4.18 milesAverage: 8.57 mphFastest Speed: 10.09 mphAscent: 525 feetDescent: 384 feetCalories: 288

In the afternoon, Kay made her next to last visit to the hair dresser this season while I soaked in the spa.  The “old” joints sure ache a lot after exercise!  We played bridge in the evening; we both had decent cards, and are really enjoying playing.

140221 E 003
Friday provided a window of opportunity to travel to Mexico to experience the festive atmosphere, shop for a few meds, and eat lunch at Arturo’s.  We have been extra cautious about going there this year because of State Department travel advisories, but were told things had calmed considerably.  The streets of Progreso are much cleaner than the first time we traveled there in 2008, but there seem to be fewer people, though Kay thought there were more.  They now have sales tax in the 15% neighborhood, and fewer people, including Mexican nationals, shop there now.  We bought some “over the shelf” antibiotics for emergency use, real Mexican vanilla, flavored peanuts, and Kay bought a cowgirl hat for dancin’.  Mexico doesn’t have the same appeal to us as it once did, and with the ever present possibility of border closing, and cartel attacks, there is some trepidation in spending time there.  Consequently, we were in and out in just a couple of hours.

140221 E 004
140221 E 005

After crossing back into the U.S., we drove to Harlingen to pick up the packet for the Jalapeño 100.  The bicycle shop was having a sale, and I purchased a couple of the colorful riding tops.  We stopped at Costco’s briefly for gasoline, and made it back in time for happy hour at the palapa.  Our weekly entertainment was a Canadian singer and songwriter—his name escapes me—who was quite good and personable; the entertainment this year, for the most part, has been better than in the past.  Hope the trend continues for next year.

I was scheduled to ride in the Jalapeño 100 in Harlingen Saturday, but the forecast for 15+ mph winds directly in one’s face on the return leg of the ride was too ominous.  Consequently, I did not ride, and we had a quiet day and evening, one of the few we’ve had in the last few weeks.  Kay did laundry, I prepared sides and baked beans for the annual Circle 3 palapa party, and Kay baked pecan pie muffins for the Canada-Sweden Olympic gold medal hockey game on Sunday.

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