Sunday, February 23—Hockey, Church, Cycling, Arts, and a Party

140223 E 003

Sunday deserves an entry by itself,  as it was jam packed with activities, beginning early in the morning, 6 AM, when Canada played Sweden for the gold medal in this winter’s Olympics.  Both hockey and curling are huge sports in Canada, and this morning’s live broadcast via Canadian television was viewed by a palapa full of mostly Canadians in the Circle 3 palapa.  A television and satellite receiver had been set up, and donuts and coffee were plentiful.  Kay’s pecan pie muffins were a fabulous hit.  We’re still working on the correct pronunciation of pecan—“pee can” or “pa con”; we tell folks from the midwest and Canada that pee can is under the bed!  Kay and I watched the first half of the game, then got ready for church. 
After church, Chuck Mercer and I did an 11 mile bicycle ride, and after returning to the resort for a bite of lunch, I rode another 19 miles:
Ride Time: 2:55:24
Stopped Time: 1:13:50
Distance: 30.35 miles
Average: 10.38 mph
Fastest Speed: 19.65 mph
Ascent: 318 feet
Descent: 410 feet
Calories: 2037
While I was riding, Kay exhibited her bowls and Swedish weaving piece in the Arts in the Park.  She has become a very talented artist, and has a flare for design, particularly regarding segmented bowls.

140223 2256

140223 2263

140223 2299

After an already busy morning, Circle 3 had their annual palapa cookout and party late in the afternoon.  It didn’t appear to be as crowded as in previous years, perhaps because there are so many new people.  We had lots of food and fun.  Afterwards, Shar and Brian hosted karaoke for the rest of the evening.  We left early because of the mosquitos, but could hear music until quiet hour.  We watched the season 4 finale of Downton Abbey—a British soap opera of sorts, and one of our favorite television programs.  There were a few holes in the plot which we either missed or were not present, so maybe reruns are in order.

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