Monday through Wednesday, February 17-19—Spring Has Sprung

It sure looks like winter is over here in the Rio Grande Valley.  Trees have new leaves, shrubs are blooming, the wind is blowing, and temperatures have warmed to the 80s and even 90s.  (Note:  Though we don’t typically have frost, trees do lose leaves during an unseasonably cold period, i.e. low 40s for a day or two.)  This weather “change” means more outdoor activities and pool and spa time, and allergies!  As Kay walked over to exercise at the Activities Center Monday morning, Al and I departed to Harlingen Country Club for golf.  Because it was Presidents’ Day, the course was packed, and our 10:10 AM tee time got pushed back to past 11 AM.  Consequently, we didn’t finish until after 3 PM.  Al had a great game and low score, and I hit the ball well, but missed some fairly short putts—anyway, it was lots of fun despite the 20+ mph winds.  We made it back to join the palapa happy hour in progress.

140218 2052

Despite a moderate wind, I rode Tuesday morning, east to Anzulduas Park on the Rio Grande River, and back to the resort.  Heres a photo of the river and lake formed by Anzulduas Dam, and Mexico across the water.  Thankfully, I rode into the wind on the first leg of the trip when energy levels were highest; here are ride statistics:

Ride Time: 2:10:58

Stopped Time: 19:57

Distance: 22.11 miles

Average: 10.13 mph

Fastest Speed: 20.11 mph

Ascent: 299 feet

Descent: 341 feet

Calories: 1531

Kay and the “girls” from “Circle 3” in the resort went for a massage, followed by lunch at Country Village Cafe at 10th and Nolana in McAllen.  As one can imagine, it is a tough life down here, and though our young minds tell us it is okay, we do try to pack too many activities into our 60+ year-old bodies.  Consequently, we both enjoyed the pool and spa in the afternoon, aided by temps in the 80s.  Happy hour at the palapa was well attended; this year we have had a full palapa most afternoons, and this differs from previous years.  And despite having several new RVs in the circle, and 3 singles (one whose husband is working in Saudi, another who is a recent widower, and the third a recent widow), the well-attended happy hour is reflective of the profound friendships among Winter Texans.

140219 2053

The BPVRV Resort CanAm golf tournament was Wednesday, and it’s a big deal.  Folks from both sides dress in national colors, put flags and buntings on their golf carts, etc.  As luck would have it, Al and I were in the same foursome, but on opposite sides.  Al is the Canadian dress with the top hat and cape.  We both played terrible, but had lots of fun.  For the $5 entrance fee, we had a Sloppy Joe sandwich lunch, and most people won door prizes—in my case, a sleeve of golf balls.  This year the Canadians had the Americans outnumbered.  The winner was announced at Margarita Hour later in the afternoon, and the Americans retained the trophy. It sure looks like winter is over here in the Rio Grande Valley.  

140219 E 002

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