Thursday through Sunday, February 13-16—Trying to Get It All In

140213 E 001

With only a couple of weeks left for some, and a month for most of the rest of us, a lot of activities are being packed into the remaining time.  However, no planned daytime activities were scheduled for Thursday, and Kay and I suited up for a short bicycle ride, waiting until the cool early morning had warmed somewhat before beginning. We rode our usual route to the Mission Nature Park pavilion, then rode the “Roadrunner” trail—Kay had ridden it earlier this year, but it was my first time to ride it since early December.  Wet conditions, combined with US Customs and Border Patrol activity resulted in significant mud clods being left on the trail, and the road bike is not equipped to handle the sometimes very rough surface.  Nevertheless, Kay and I picked our way carefully; we did not see a Roadrunner on the cutoff part of the trail, so we rode the longer loop, and sure enough, spotted one of the birds on the side of the trail—it never fails!  

140213 E 004

Here are statistics for our morning ride.  
Ride Time: 1:22:22
Stopped Time: 21:12
Distance: 10.96 miles
Average: 7.98 mph
Fastest Speed: 13.29 mph
Ascent: 184 feet
Descent: 138 feet
Calories: 777

After a late light breakfast and brief rest, Van stopped by inquiring about a ride, and we left on a long ride at 1 PM.  He’s in such good riding shape, and rode me into the ground.  Some 36 miles later, we arrived back at the RV resort, and I headed immediately to the hot tub for a soak to relieve the butt soreness and fatigue from riding a total of 47 miles. Here are statistics for the afternoon ride.
Ride Time: 3:05:30
Stopped Time: 1:08:14
Distance: 35.97 miles
Average: 11.63 mph
Fastest Speed: 20.79 mph
Ascent: 351 feet
Descent: 358 feet
Calories: 2450
With a good soak, followed by a shave and shower, Kay drug me to the Valentine’s Dance.  It was sparsely attended, and once again there is a silent but present conflict between the line dancers and the regular dancers.  It would not be much of an issue if the dance floor were big enough but it is not, and the line dancers took up all the floor.  Several couples left early, and Kay and I were not far behind.  Regretfully, there will be hard feelings at some point in the future as both sides seem unwilling to compromise sufficiently to allow peaceful existence of both.

140213 E 006
Nothing was scheduled at all for Friday, Valentines Day.  We exchanged cards and enjoyed a lazy morning, after which I sprayed with insect repellent and rode to the National Butterfly Center.  There were a few butterflies, but not many.  I did see a Pipevine Swallowtail, the first of the year, a few Monarchs, Queens, and others.  There were birds feeding at the feeding station, but better photo opportunities had presented themselves at the Kiskadee blind earlier in the month.  Back at the RV resort, Kay and I spent a couple of hours at the pool and spa, absorbing the almost forgotten sunshine. With no entertainment scheduled for tonight, we spent a leisurely happy hour at the palapa before retiring to the motorhome for the evening.  There are several RVs here equipped to generate their own power, either via solar or wind, or a combination of both.  Heres a photo of a couple RVs so equipped.

Fog greeted us Saturday morning, and we had a full list of possible things to do.  Kay’s priority was to pick up a custom metal sign with out first names and state of permanent residence to display on our RV site.  We haven’t been able to connect with Jim and Cheryl this season, and Kay sent a text message asking about their availability for lunch.  Apparently there is a glitch in the process, so “Jim and Cheryl, if y’all read this, we’d like to get together before the season ends.”  With no lunch plans I suited up for a long ride while Kay drove to near Progresso to pick up the sign.140213 E 003  I survived only 18+ miles before the wind/tiredness/butt fatigue settled in. 
Ride Time: 1:42:31
Stopped Time: 10:43
Distance: 18.78 miles
Average: 10.99 mph
Fastest Speed: 18.17 mph
Ascent: 259 feet
Descent: 203 feet
Calories: 1267
When Kay returned, we both enjoyed the pool and spa for a couple of hours.  I spent the rest of the afternoon at Palmview Golf Course, hitting a large bucket of balls.  If I could just slow the swing, keep the head down, position the ball correctly, assume the right grip and stance, etc., etc.  Happy hour was underway when I returned, and after visiting for an hour or so, we walked to the Club House for the weekly entertainment, Roland Garcia, Jr.  He began playing with his dad, Country Roland (Roland Garcia) at the age of 11; Country Roland was the innovator of Chicano country music—a mix of country songs in Spanish and classic Mexican songs with a new influence.  Country Roland, Jr. carries on that tradition and plays great country music, mostly for joints and outdoor bars, and is fun to dance to; we also like to listen to him sing with his band accompanying him.  After the late show, we returned to see a fire in the circle fire pit, and Kay joined the group around the fire while I went to bed.
The annual Circle 3 Waffle Breakfast was on Sunday morning.  Ron and Cheryl Lowe, from Ontario, hosts this event, making waffles for any and all who come.  Two other waffle makers joined them in keeping the waffles coming. Most who came brought side dishes and accompaniments including fruit, sausage, ham, bacon, pastries, syrups, etc.; Kay and I took 21/2 pounds of fried bacon.

140216 E 007

The palapa was crowded with breakfast diners, and no one left hungry!  Kay made the 11 AM worship service, but I remained home.  Today, a speaker from the Gideons spoke.  The Gideon program is a valuable program, but I have heard them speak countless times both here and in Arkansas, so I was not too disappointed in missing the service.  A short nap during the noon hour was followed by reading the Sunday Monitor, the daily newspaper in the RGV; we still consider it one of life’s pleasures to leisurely read the Sunday paper.  Kay went to the BPVRV resort river palapa , on the banks of the Rio Grande River, where the Activities team served hot dogs and brats.  It seems like a lot of the activities here, particularly in January and February, focus on eating and/or drinking, and neither is very healthy; consequently, I try to avoid them as best as willpower will allow!

140216 E 009