Sunday through Tuesday, January 19-21—No Rest for the Weary

We were up early Sunday morning for church, with the intent of returning to the resort, changing clothes, and going for a long bike ride while Kay made apple dumplings for the BPVRV Resort progressive dinner.  The progressive dinner included appetizers, salad, a main course of baked potato, and desserts at circles 6, 5, 4, and 3 respectively; and since we reside in circle 3, we were to provide desserts for between 250 and 300 people!  Just as I finished changing clothes, some of our neighbors were setting up the palapa for desserts, and Kay “suggested” that I should help them.  So, I changed clothes again, helped set up, and visited briefly before changing back into riding clothes.  I opted to forego most of the progressive dinner in order to take a long solo ride, and de-stress.  And, conditions were near ideal with temps in the mid-70s, and winds less than 5 miles per hour.  Consequently, I rod some 28 miles before returning to find that the baked potato line was forming.  Changing clothes yet another time, I met Kay at the Activities Center in circle 4, where we ate the main course.  Since desserts were next, we hurriedly made our way to the palapa and assisted in completing the set-up.  The desserts were heartily eaten and provided a grand ending for a super progressive dinner.  After phone calls from the girls, we had a quiet rest of the evening; however, I could not sleep and took advantage of the late hour and  downloaded Lightroom 5, a digital photography post-processing software. 

IMG 1375

Monday was golf day, and we played at the Harlingen Country Club.  It was a great course, but quite crowded, and I shot the worst game of the year—so far.  While I was playing, Kay took care of some business for me, and tried to take care of some other business, but we had forgotten it was the MLK holiday, and banks were closed.  She biked to Americana RV Resort, where Loretta joined her, and they biked to Green Gate Grove to work on crafts (yeah, sure).  We joined others from the BPVRV Resort for a RGV Vipers basketball game; the Vipers team is a D-League NBA team and while the basketball was just okay, people watching was quite fun.

Van, Ken, and I had tentatively scheduled a bike ride Tuesday morning, but I opted out in order to take care of some banking business; it was an interesting experience.  Seventeen people were in line in front of me, and most were cashing checks (some from Mexico) or having money orders prepared.  The tellers were patient, and the line moved relatively fast.  After taking care of this business, I drove to Jerry and Karen Smith’s place to assist them in setting up a new computer for printing.  We had to load new printer drivers unique for their printer for Windows 8, and the download took some time, as did the installation with only one major and several minor snafus.  After a fatal error message caused by Norton Utilities, we paused the security program for a few minutes, and the download and installation completed.  So, they are up and running with both a hard-wired and a wireless connection to the printer.  Kay took advantage of the quiet time, and washed and dried a a couple loads of clothes, and then went to Steinmart with Gayle for shopping for shoes and unmentionables, using most of her Steinmart Christmas gift card.  And then, she grilled salmon and vegetables for a late afternoon dinner, and it was very good.  Jim, next door, insisted that we go to Marco’s for burgers with a group from BPVRV Resort, and we shared a Marco’s special.  Marco’s was rated the No. 1 hamburger place in Texas by one statewide television show.  They grind their own meat from ribeye steaks, make french fries and onion rings from scratch, and make hand-dipped milk shakes.  We found their burger to be very good, but not as good as the Barn Burner from the Back Forty in Mountain Home—possibly the best cheeseburger in the world!  After we got back, we walked over to Al and Sharon’s for bridge, and had a blast.

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