Wednesday through Friday, January 22-24—Birds and Chillin’

140117 E 002

Without further ado, let’s turn back the clock a few days to post some photos of Kay and Loretta’s shopping trip, including a great bakery.  Now, it’s no secret what they shop for!

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140117 E 004

I don’t have many complaints about BPVRV Resort and the RGV, but one is that it is just too busy!  Of course, one can pick and choose what activities in which to participate, but I like them all!  Al and I play golf most Mondays and Wednesdays; Mondays are at one of the great courses in the RGV, while Wednesdays are reserved for Meadow Creek, an okay course nearby that is a pretty decent course despite some barren places on the fairways.  This cool Wednesday morning we played at Meadow Creek.  Al had a good game, and I ended up with a decent game despite several “blow-up” holes.  It was lots of fun, and I’m really enjoying playing.  

A long absence of birding enticed me to ride to Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park next door, but few birds were observed at either the Kiskadee blind or the Green Jay blind.  A retired couple from Wisconsin was there for the first time, and it was a joy introducing them to the usual species of birds seen at the blinds:  Green Jay, Kiskadee, Orange-crowned Warbler, and Chachalaca.  After happy hour at the palapa, we spent a quiet evening in the motorhome.140122 E 001

Our schedule got changed today, Thursday, by the US Department of State.  We had intended to accompany Lin, Tom, Geraldene, Dean, Karen, and Warren to Neuvo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  However, a few days ago, the State Department issued a travel advisory Americans against travel to certain places in Mexico, including Neuvo Progreso because of gun battles between the cartel and federales, and a recent bomb threat closing the Progreso bridge.  Consequently, we were very uncomfortable traveling there.  With a “free” morning, we opted to join the birders on their weekly trip.  The weekly birding trip began by departing the resort at 7:30 AM Thursday to Edinburg Wetlands and Nature Center; Kay had not been there before, and enjoyed the small, but lively part of the World Birding Center.  We saw lots of birds, but the morning was made special by sighting a Tropical Parula Warbler, a life bird for us, and getting a fairly close shot of a Kingfisher. The pohots begin with a Great Blue Heron “painting” the water!  The weekly birding trips are very popular and a couple of dozen people normally attend.  Many thanks to Ernie and Karen Martelle, and Lorna Graham for coordinating and leading these trips. 

140123 E 005

140123 E 010


140123 E 017

On the way home, we stopped by Costco for coffee and snacks, and at Casa del Taco for lunch.  The food was very good, and the service outstanding.  A number of celebrities have visited there, including Presidents Clinton and Bush, Secretary of State Clinton, Governor Rick Perry, Senators Kennedy and Lieberman, and others.  Our evening was spent playing bridge in the Activities Center, and we both had decent cards, allowing us to bid and play several hands.  During the card night activities, a strong wind and rain brought in yet another cold front, with temperatures plunging some 40 degrees in a matter of hours.  But, it will warm up again in a day or two!

Kay has had a problem with a tooth (or teeth) for several weeks now, and visited a dentist in Mission Friday morning.  He referred her to another dentist for a possible root canal; otherwise, she’ll have to have two teeth removed, including a bridge ($$$).  She’ll fax the information back to our dentist, Dr. Lane, in Calico Rock, AR, Monday for a second opinion.  Between now and her next appointment in early February, she’ll take liberal doses of antibiotics and Tylenol.  With the bitterly cold weather down here in the Rio Grande Valley—40°—I enjoyed inside time for updating computer files, software, apps, etc.  Incidentally, cold weather is relative; with temperatures unusually low for this area, several schools have closed and shelters have been opened.  These folks are used to average temperatures of 70° in the winter and 115° in the summer!  The BPVRV Resort photography club met late in the morning, and the discussion centered on file management in Lightroom, a photo post-processing software.  For the majority of attendees, it was a bit overwhelming as the learning curve for Lightroom is virtually vertical.  Kay and Arkansas neighbor, Loretta, went shopping in the afternoon, and upon their return, Wayne and I drove to McAllen to pick up the Arbor Day 25-mile Bike Tour entrant package.  After a bowl of white chili, Kay and I attended the Farnham Family concert, our resort’s entertainment for the week.  They are from Galena, Missouri, and unfortunately for the family of 5 kids and their parents, were barely just okay—a shame for what appears to be a very nice family.

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