Thursday through Saturday, January 16-18—Finally, Some Relief

The last two weeks in January are proving to be a busy time for us.   BPVRV Resort is essentially full, and there are lots of activities ongoing.  In addition, now that I’ve begun playing golf (and the term “playing” is used loosely), spare time is something of a rarity.  We’ve only got a few more commitments and it’s back to normal for us.  Kay began a new bowl this week, and has it ready for the lathe; as she gains “turning” experience, her speed is increasing; she could have it finished next week!  Thursday morning, we rode up to Americana RV Resort to visit Wayne and Loretta, but found them away from their RV.  As we were riding through their resort, we saw and heard hundreds of Green Parakeets in a couple of trees along one of the resort’s streets.  Mid-morning saw us attend dance class at Mission West RV Resort; we’ve just about got the hang of the Texas Two Step and the Texas Waltz, and the ChaCha is coming along quite nicely, too.  Of course, we’ll forget most of what has been learned over the course of the summer!  Jerry Smith came by Thursday afternoon for some assistance in loading software on his new Windows 8 computer; it was really good visiting with him as we don’t see Karen and him much now that they have their own place here in the RGV.   The rest of the afternoon and evening was a return to thing we typically do—palapa happy hour, dinner, and television.  I am very much missing taking pictures of birds and butterflies, and have not been to the National Butterfly Center since before Christmas; maybe tomorrow!

140117 E 004

Withdrawal from taking photos resulted in a quick trip Friday morning to a couple of missions nearby, one the skeletal remains from a demolition halted by preservations just a few years ago (the first photo), and the other Mission de La Lomita, the original mission for which Mission, Texas, is named (second photo).  140117 E 003As an aside, if you watched Lonesome Dove, the mini-series began with Gus and Call at their ranch in Mission.  The resort has a photography club which meets on Friday mornings, and today marked my first attendance.  It is facilitated by Roger Parks, a retired United Methodist Church minister from Minnesota, and was well attended by some 14 resort residents.  Expecting to go to the National Butterfly Center for photographing, I was surprised to learn that the motorhome was being washed at 2 PM.  I quickly moved chairs, tables, grill, bicycles, and other items that might get wet, and decided to sanitize our tank and lines, backwash, sanitize, and recharge the water softener, empty the black and gray tanks, and change the secondary water filter—so much for photography and butterflies as these chores took all afternoon.  Sometimes, it’s hard to find time to have fun.  Our entertainment this evening was the Redhead Express.  We have now seen them 3 times, and Kay believes tonight was the best, but I had opposite views.  Regardless, they are very, very good, and we hope they make it in the big time.  
With a full calendar for the day, Van and I were up early for a quick Saturday bike ride; we were gone for less than two hours, including a stop andy NAPA for Van to pick up some auto parts, but managed to log 16.5 miles:
Ride Time: 1:24:04
Stopped Time: 13:47
Distance: 16.50 miles
Average: 11.78 mph
Fastest Speed: 18.26 mph
Ascent: 226 feet
Descent: 213 feet
Calories: 1169
Following the bike ride and a quick shower, we drove to Sam’s Club and Costco, respectively, for “play” coffee for Kay, gasoline, re-fitting of my hearing aids, and a “few” groceries (those of you who know Kay, know that she never purchases just a few groceries)!  We drove back to the resort, unloaded the car, drove to Americana Resort, and picked up Wayne and Loretta for a drive east to Don Wes Flea Market and the fruit and vegetable stand across the highway.  Afterwards, they treated us to a late lunch at Fat Daddy’s, where we all enjoyed great barbecued beef, pork, ribs, and sausages.  After a full day,  Kay and I just sort of collapsed, and enjoyed a quiet evening in the motorhome—no cards, no dancin’, no music, no nothin’.  Oh, what a relief it is!

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