Tuesday and Wednesday, January 14-15—Biking, Happy Hour, and Golf

Despite the near perfect temperatures during the day, the lows plunged to the mid-40s last night, and we awoke Tuesday morning to 44°—it makes for great sleeping weather.  We were up too early, but time flew by and we dressed for a bike ride with Van, Bonnie, Chuck, and Sue.  We all rode about five miles, and then split up with Kay, Bonnie, Sue, and Chuck taking the bike trail back to the RV resort (making for a 10-mile ride), while Van and I continued east, making a 29-mile circuit.  We came by Americana RV Resort to check on Wayne and Loretta, and caught them in the middle of repairing their sink.140114 E 001  Ride statistics are as follows:

Ride Time: 2:33:33

Stopped Time: 43:18

Distance: 29.19 miles

Average: 11.41 mph

Fastest Speed: 18.37 mph

Ascent: 561 feet

Descent: 515 feet

Calories: 2117

After a very brief visit, we returned to Bentsen Palm Village, and I changed the primary water filter on potable water coming into the motorhome.  It was so clogged with algae that the incoming water had a difficult time passing through, and in fact, had blown the hose off just a couple of days ago.  In terms of quality, the potable water here at BPVRV Resort is marginal, at best, and most Canadians will not consume it.  We, however, filter it once before it enters the water softener and motorhome, and then again, using a micro filter, for use in foods, beverages, and ice.  (I really should sanitize the tank and water lines; maybe in a couple of days!)  Kay had gone to pick up tickets to a high school production of Annie Get Your Gun, and I enjoyed a short soak in the hot tub and pool, easing the muscles and joints from the long bike ride. We picked up Wayne and Loretta and brought them back to experience our palapa happy hour, showed them some of Mission and McAllen, returning to the RV so they could prepare their tablets and phone for internet service, and then Kay fed us all a great pulled pork sandwich meal, complete with slaw and potato salad.  After taking them back to their RV park, Kay and I caught up on email, etc. to end the evening.

Al picked me up early Wednesday morning for golf at nearby Meadow Creek.  We were in a slow foursome, taking over 5 hours to play the 18 holes.  I am really enjoying playing golf, particularly with Al, but suffice to say, my golf game stunk today, but after all, it’s only a game, and Kay and I plan to play golf this summer in between travels.  While I played golf, Kay was healthy selfish, and enjoying some alone time, and beginning her second bowl; she’s really into bowl making, and has become quite an artist. Replacement motors for the Tailgater satellite dish arrived today, and after the golf game, I installed the motor controlling the vertical movement of the dish, hooked it up, and it began searching for the satellites.  I put everything back together, moved it to the roof of the motorhome, and it worked.  Kay and I visited briefly with neighbor, Chuck.  At 4 PM, Kay walked over to the palapa for happy hour, and I assisted Brian and Shar in setting up for karaoke this evening in the Activities Center.  Returning back to the motorhome, the satellite was not working, and a couple of attempts to restart it, on the roof, failed.  Moving it down to the ground seemed to do the trick, though, as it worked again, and perhaps now it can be moved back onto the roof and out of the way. While I was working with the Tailgater, Kay attended the margarita party at the Activities Center, “just to be sociable”; she’s the social butterfly of the family!  We both returned to the Activities Center at 6:15 PM to finish setting up for “Karaoke with Shar and Donald”.  A sparse audience was there for the beginning, but picked up as the evening wore on to such an extent that there were more singers than the 9 PM closing time allowed.

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